AT&T Stadium – Mission Critical
Arlington, Texas
AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas

On game day, every moment counts. The data center at AT&T Stadium does more than support the everyday operations; it is integral to the Dallas Cowboys’ success on the field. The data center, housed in a state-of-the-art network operations center, allows the stadium to be a place where the players – and the fans – can make the most of every moment.

The Vision

Achieving 24/7 uptime for 3,000 televisions, stadium lighting, HVAC systems and more, was critical to create an immersive experience for the fans. Beyond game day, the data center needed to support team activities – from medical treatments to scouting efforts to storing player statistics – as well as the 30-plus organizations affiliated with the franchise. Securing the systems within the center and providing for regular maintenance were top priorities.

The Design

In designing the home of the Dallas Cowboys, HKS created a stadium with unmatched versatility, from its iconic operable walls and roof, to its flexible seating bowl and outdoor plazas. The data center is no different.

Each element of the data center was prepared with contingency in mind, so that the stadium can remain a beacon for the ultimate football experience. The redundant 450kW, 480V UPS system complements eight power distribution units, with an added unit fed from a static bypass switch from A&B for single-corded equipment. The data center also features three 1,500kW, 4,160V generators with parallel switchgear and 24-hour runtime fuel storage, and N+1 configuration with a backup switchgear lineup.  Redundant CRAC units supply underfloor air distribution. Chilled water is supplied by a chilled water plant, and back-up chilled water is provided by air-cooled chillers, supported by emergency generators. With this mission critical data center, the stadium is ready for game day, every day.