Aiyuhua Hospital for Women and Children
Beijing, China
Aiyuhua Hospital for
Women and Children
Beijing, China

With the expanding demand for women and children’s health services, providers must raise the bar for patient care. Hospital staff are not just caring for a single patient. They are also tending to the needs of the patient’s family in support of the patient’s overall well-being. 

Aiyuhua Hospital for Women and Children is China’s first women and children’s medical center. The hospital provides world-class prenatal care, obstetrics, maternity monthly stay service, pediatrics and child health management of the entire medical and health management services.

The Vision and Design

The design goals are to create a family-centered as well as staff-focused healing environment. The basic design principles include building a humanized, high-tech digitized and sustainable hospital. 

The hospital’s design utilizes natural light and spacious interiors to create a calming and healing environment. Clear way finding uses light and color to announce destinations, define pathways and create intuitive navigating cues. The hospital is designed for both horizontal and vertical expansion.