Principal, President of CADRE

“Creating inspirational, high-performance, safe and secure spaces for healthcare is a noble achievement and a rewarding outcome in architecture. My goal has been to equip myself to be a trusted and reliable mentor to my clients as they address the capital resource aspect of their business enterprise.”

About Tom

Early on, Tom learned to visualize his vivid ideas through drawing — vehicles, spacecraft and buildings were his favorite ideas for sketches during geography and literature classes. In time, his imagination was captured by his growing awareness of the influence of space — within buildings and between buildings — which led to his commitment to architecture and urban design as his life pursuit. After earning master’s degrees in architecture and public health, his focus was drawn to the unique demands of design for buildings accommodating health and medical care activities — the conjoined operational complexities, technology integration, adaptability for growth and change, and, most important, thoughtful design of dignified and inspiring spaces for both the recipients and deliverers of care. Tom’s quest to inform himself and to be a valuable resource to his clients has led him to reach beyond building design to facilitate rigorous research into how design affects people and building performance, and to share his experience through teaching graduate architecture students in design and research for healthcare.

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: California
ACHA Board Certified Healthcare Architect
U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professional

Master of Architecture in Urban Design/Healthcare, Rice University
Master of Public Health, University of Texas at Houston
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington