Tim Solohubow, AIA
Principal, Project Manager

“My passion is facilitating a client’s vision from conception to reality.”

About Tim

Creating has always been a passion of Tim Solohubow. From playing with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and Erector Sets to creating habitable structures out of rolled-up newspapers, Tim always wanted to build things. Influenced by spending his early years in an architecturally significant 1892 Victorian house, he grew up in Chicago, a city filled with buildings designed by great architects like Sullivan, Mies and Jahn. Tim’s career in architecture grew out of his love of creating things, combined with his experience living in an architecturally significant home and community.

His passion for healthcare architecture stems from the enthusiasm his clients feel for their healing environments. Building relationships with healthcare providers and knowing that their work will enrich people’s lives is what drives him. Throughout his career, he’s learned that listening and using a collaborative approach are the most important skills to facilitate a client’s vision for the built environment. “I’ve realized that engaging all stakeholders in problem-solving produces the best results, and that has helped tremendously in my relationships,” says Tim. “Considering all the aspects and listening to people are crucial components in my role as a project manager.”

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: Texas

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington