Takeshi Kamiya, LEED AP
Associate Principal, Urban Designer

“I believe in the power of great design.”

About Takeshi

Takeshi is passionate about urban design. “Urban design provides an opportunity to create spaces that make a city or town special and memorable,” he explains. After receiving his degree in architecture in Japan, he moved to the U.S. for graduate school. “I enrolled in an urban design class and found that, as an architect, I enjoyed the perspective it provided of the entire city as a whole – three dimensionally and composed of many elements – rather than that of only an individual building or project,” he added. “After all, you are always part of something larger.” Takeshi has provided urban design services to private and public clients for more than 20 years. His holistic approach balances physical conditions, client needs and economic influences into a compelling design that reflects the nature of the place. 

Professional Credentials
U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professional

Master of Science in Urban Design, Pratt Institute
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Kobe University