Ricardo Rondon, Arq.
Principal and Managing Director, Mexico City Office

“As architects, we have a great challenge facing the future; economics are changing and our responsibility to our planet and future generations makes our profession more fascinating.”

About Ricardo

Ricardo had the good fortune of being told by a former employer to resign his position at a financial institution, spend six months in Europe seeing the sights, and come back to Mexico City to become an architect – something he always wanted to be. He took that advice and is now the Managing Director of HKS Mexico City. Ricardo blends his skills in both design and finance to manage all aspects of the Mexico City office. “I love business development. It’s exciting to watch a project transform from a client’s idea to a vision and finally into a beautifully designed building. Design and business go hand-in-hand.”

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: Mexico

Bachelor of Architecture, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México