Mik Pietrzak, M.D.
Chief Medical Advisor, HKS Team ED

“The ability of design to move science into practice will create many opportunities to optimize healthcare outcomes.”

About Mik

Fifteen years ago, Mik was challenged to reinvent how emergency departments were designed to respond to disasters, epidemics and terrorism. At that time, Project ER One was born. He assembled international thought-leaders with the premise that if everyone makes recommendations that are the same as current best practices, the bar will never be moved forward. His career has focused on challenging the status quo and rethinking things that appear to be working just fine. The results included a major national innovation award for Project ER One, as well as cutting-edge concepts in infection control in the hospital setting. Mik has been a faculty member of the Harvard ED design course, as well as the course director and moderator for the Center for Health Design symposium on strategic emergency design. He has made numerous international presentations on design for disaster preparedness and emerging technologies.

Doctorate of Medicine, University of Iowa
Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Iowa State University
Post-Doctorate Education in Emergency Medicine, Georgetown University