Jim Lennon
Team ED

“The ability to see things not as they are, but as they should be.”

About Jim

One of Jim’s claims to fame is that he has designed more emergency departments (EDs) than any one individual in the United States. His goal: to render obsolescent practices obsolete in EDs all over the world. After having spent more than 1,000 hours in EDs observing patient and staff flow and studying more than 2,000 ED charts, he knows his craft. He has developed an international reputation as an emergency department design specialist. He speaks all over the world, writes book chapters and articles and even created and currently teaches an “ED of the Future” course at Harvard University that welcomes architects and physicians in the same classroom. What is unique about Jim is that he started his architectural career as a designer, with a background in drawing and painting, and now spends the vast majority of his time writing computer programs and analyzing data.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, California Polytechnic University
Master of Science in Architecture, University of California at Los Angeles