Jeff Stouffer, FAIA, ACHA
Executive Vice President, Health Group Director

“Our goal is to create environments that inspire, designs that reinforce brands and plans that produce operational efficiency.”

About Jeff

As a young architect, Jeff faced a crisis that changed him forever. For one week, his wife fought for her life after giving birth to their first child. He spent every waking hour at her side. As he left the hospital with a healthy wife and child, his personal experience strengthened his commitment to creating better healthcare environments. Fast-forward 30 years: Jeff continues to dedicate his career to designing transformative healthcare environments. “We can positively affect the lives of people who are enduring their most traumatic experience by shaping the psychological and physical experience,” he notes. He points out that design creates a healing environment offering safe surroundings for patients, family and staff; reducing stress; creating a place for families to be integral parts in the care process; and inspiring and exuding hope. Jeff also endorses the fusion of evidence-influenced design and Lean principles that support the hospital’s mission and improves staff operations. “I believe Lean process improvement is the future, offering healthcare clients a better product, a more collaborative process and increased value.” 

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: Texas
ACHA Board Certified Healthcare Architect

Bachelor of Architecture, Louisiana State University