David Savage
Associate Principal, Technical Director

“PassivHaus principles align with my ethos, and this tool has now become an essential component in the way I approach the design process.”

About David

David considers that the best projects are a result of a comprehensive approach to design. From kickoff to the final product, the result should be representative of the values, operations and business objectives of the organisation and be unmistakably in its expression and function. To get there, he believes in a simple process, with deep engagement that builds consensus organically. He would seek to understand the client’s business, brand and people so that every decision along the way will be accountable to this understanding.

David strongly believes that PassivHaus offers a realistic option for cost-effective structures that provide high comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling, emphasising on energy efficiency and reducing ecological footprint.

David’s passion for architecture has never waned over his career. His interest in PassivHaus started in 2009, and he believes we should focus more on the impact that our building designs have on the environment and the legacy for future generations.

Professional Credentials
Member of the International PassivHaus Association – iPHA
Member of the Association for Environment Conscious Building – AECB

MCIAT – Chartered Architectural Technologist
Certified Passivhaus Designer