President & CEO

“Before a problem can be solved, it must be defined. Cohesive designs begin with a clear intention. We believe a rational exploration into a facility’s needs and a wholly developed concept embraced by all team members will result in buildings that exude a sense of harmony and have an organic relationship with the site.”

About Dan

What is great design? It’s a combination of elements including beautiful aesthetics, function both in terms of exceeding its intended use and providing shelter, and a building that serves as an ally in the business at hand, according to Dan. “When you create places that enhance the human experience, you ultimately must add value and a sense of place to the community you are designing for and by extension, to the people who inhabit these communities,” he explains. “It is understanding human behavior and being a good steward in responding to that understanding.” Throughout his career, Dan has created inventive designs that influence and contribute to improving the built environment worldwide.

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: Texas, Florida, North Dakota, New Jersey, South Dakota
ACHA Board Certified Healthcare Architect
U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professional

Bachelor of Art in Architecture, North Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, North Dakota State University