President & CEO

“We are in an era of unlimited potential in the architectural industry. What we can design and build is almost boundless. Technology now allows us to develop virtual models that not only make the process more efficient but also let us know how buildings will perform, so we can predict how much energy will be consumed, how a structure will respond to various weather conditions, how people will flow through a stadium or how a medical facility can be an ally in the healing process.”

About Dan

Dan joined HKS in 1982 and was named president and CEO in January 2014. He gained experience on landmark projects totaling more than $7 billion. Today, Dan is focused on the big picture — ideas versus projects. He is passionate about connecting the 1,200 members of the firm with an esprit de corps of enthusiasm, devotion, creativity and humility that leads to inspirational architecture. 

“Our youngest team members are a new breed, comfortable with technology, obsessed with innovation, and dedicated to both work and altruistic endeavors. It’s my job to harness that energy and provide the pathway for growth and the free flow of ideas.”

Professional Credentials
Registered Architect: Texas, Florida, North Dakota, New Jersey, South Dakota
ACHA Board Certified Healthcare Architect
U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professional

Bachelor of Art in Architecture, North Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, North Dakota State University