Claudia Maggiani, CAU
Associate Principal, Architect

“Our approach to architecture starts with the understanding of our client’s business. Then it evolves into a truly collaborative process among architect, client and consultants. It is from this process that responsible architecture emerges.”

About Claudia

Growing up, Claudia was inspired by her hometown mayor, Jaime Lerner. He wasn’t just a politician, Jaime was an architect. Living in Curitiba, Brazil, she learned, through Jaime, that architecture can have a big impact on the community. Since joining HKS, she has worked on a wide range of projects from sports facilities to commercial and hospitality projects. She draws from this broad experience the expertise to understand complex projects that interweave scopes, consultancies and communities.

Professional Credentials

Registered Architect: Brazil

Master of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Architecture, Universidade Federal do Paraná