Ana Pinto-Alexander, RID, IIDA, EDAC
Principal, Group Director for Health Interiors

“Define your purpose, because when you design with a purpose, that’s when you achieve great things.”

About Ana

Ana’s extensive research in healthcare design has anchored her belief that holistic-designed environments promote healing. “As a patient, you are in your most vulnerable state,” she shared. “We design with evidence-informed research and empathy, knowing patients want control of their environments. Nurses, who are age 52 on average, need to take fewer steps and be assisted when lifting patients. And, it is proven that being with others, like family, helps in the healing process. So, we make them as comfortable as possible.” She has more than 33 years of experience designing interiors for the country’s most progressive healthcare facilities. Her childhood in Colombia, South America, combined with extensive international travel, has influenced her unique design perspective. Although healthcare design is a passion, she also has created interior designs for religious, educational and life sciences.

Professional Credentials
Registered Interior Designer: Indiana, Illinois, Georgia
Certified Interior Designer: Kentucky, New York
Evidence Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC)

Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, Purdue University