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October 6, 2015

By Jeffrey Stouffer, AIA, ACHA, Executive Vice President/Health Group Director, HKS, Inc. and Sheryl Valentine, RN, BSN, MBB, MBA, MBOE, Lean Six Sigma Leader, Akron Children’s Hospital

Using a Lean process to achieve better outcomes in design, project delivery, construction and operations is something that sets Akron Children’s Hospital apart.

August 26, 2015

By Bernita Beikmann, Principal/Director Lean Strategy, HKS, Inc.

Are you living your best, streamlined, Lean life? Do you want to spend more time with family members and friends or focus on your hobbies? Learn how using five Lean principles can help you do small things to improve the way you plan your time and manage everyday household tasks. These Lean concepts also apply in the office. Join me as I shares some tips, as well as video examples, of Lean practices being implemented by HKS employees around the world.

June 10, 2015

By Bernita Beikmann, AIA, EDAC, LSSBB, Principal and Senior Vice President, Director of Lean Strategy, HKS, Inc.

This May, Akron (Ohio) Children’s Hospital celebrated the opening of Kay Jewelers Pavilion, a nearly 370,000-square-foot facility featuring a neonatal intensive care unit with 75 private beds, an emergency department, an outpatient surgery center, and a high-risk labor and delivery unit. The $180 million project was completed two months ahead of schedule for $60 million less than the original cost estimate.

June 13, 2014

By Bernita Beikmann, Director Lean Strategy and Andrea Sponsel, Senior Interior Designer, HKS, Inc.

HKS believes Lean Process Improvement is a simple philosophy with big results. It all stems from our ability to identify waste in what we do, and eliminate it. The healthcare interiors group has begun their lean journey to embrace opportunities for improvement and increase value. The team has spent time examining their process – from beginning to end – mapping every step to document value-added benefits and eliminate wasteful work. JOIN US to talk about changes to design processes that have had a big impact to the group’s internal and external customers.

March 3, 2014

By Heath May, AIA, Vice President/Director of HKS Laboratory for INtensive Exploration (LINE)

Architects are discovering new ways to leverage advancements in technology to shift building design from a prescriptive approach to a performance-based process. Today, we have the ability to evaluate performance metrics of different iterations during the design process – enabling optimized solutions. Research, serving as the engine in the evolution of architecture, plays a vital role in performative design allowing us to seek advanced understanding of systems, materiality and tectonics.

February 17, 2014

By Dan Noble, President and CEO, HKS, Inc.

Join HKS for a year of events that will inform, inspire and start important conversations. We’re celebrating 75 years in the making. We’re going places. Are you along for the ride? The Join Us campaign will build momentum throughout the year with events, conferences, podcasts and more, with an emphasis on intelligence leadership. Topics range from “LEED v4: Mastering the Learning Curve” to “Thinking like a Researcher and Storyteller” to “Community Resiliency.”

September 26, 2013

By Brian McFarlane, AIA, Principal, Group Director for Healthcare Development, HKS, Inc. and Rachel Saucier Knox, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Vice President, Pediatrics Healthcare Practice Leader

HKS hospital designs have been recognized in the media recently for their beauty and comfort including Benjamin Russell Hospital for Children and Capital Health Medical Center, noted in the September 21 article in The New York Times:

March 18, 2013

By Steve Jacobson, AIA, LEED AP, Principal and Practice Leader/Midwest Director of Healthcare, HKS, Inc.

The First Saudi Forum for Planning and Design of Hospitals – held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – provided a rare opportunity for engineers and contractors to meet with decision-makers.

March 6, 2013

By Jeffrey Stouffer, AIA, Principal, Academic and Pediatric Practice Leader, HKS, Inc.

Lean design isn’t simply a new trend, it’s a new way of thinking—one that involves rethinking everything you do as an organization, in order to create better outcomes for patients, staff and your hospital’s bottom line.

February 8, 2013

By Bernita Beikmann, AIA, Associate Principal/Director of Lean Strategy, HKS, Inc.

Strict budget constraints, a high standard of process improvement, and growth concerns led Akron Children’s Hospital to look to a new method of design and construction for a new tower addition.