July 16, 2013

When applying to become an HKS Healthcare Fellow, Fang Xu told interviewers that he believes healthcare design is a service area where he can use his creative ideas to make positive change. This mindset as well as his many other accomplishments made him a shoo-in for 2013-2014 HKS Healthcare Fellow.

The HKS Healthcare Fellowship is a one-year program developed to recognize and encourage aspiring, talented recent graduates committed to improving the built healthcare environment through projects, as well as conducting a healthcare-specific study on a topic of interest.

Xu graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology in China with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2010 and a Master of Architecture from Texas A&M University in 2013. His final work in graduate school focused on a large-scale senior facility in Beijing, which received five awards of excellence from the Texas A&M College of Architecture.  

As an architecture student, Xu spent many hours researching design theory and won several national student competitions in China. His experience includes working as an intern architect for three small to mid-sized firms in China and the United States. While attending Texas A&M, Xu was active in several organizations including the Student Health Environments Association (SHEA) and found himself interested in healthcare design.

When asked why he selected healthcare architecture as his specialty practice area, Xu explains, “Hospitals are a microcosm of life. I have heard babies crying in a maternity ward and experienced the sorrow of a family member passing away in ICU. I realized the importance of hospitals – they offer the gift of hope in life’s first moments and provide a setting for consolation in life’s last moments. Therefore, a hospital must provide comfort, efficiency, a friendly ambience and a sense of dignity.”

HKS is ranked among the top healthcare architectural firms in the world by Modern Healthcare and BD World Architecture. Operating from 28 offices worldwide, HKS focuses on innovative healthcare design, process and delivery. The firm’s award-winning healthcare architecture includes 1,600 unique projects representing 78,000 beds and 166 million square feet. HKS projects have garnered numerous awards and coverage in worldwide publications. The firm’s healthcare specialists are highly respected international speakers.

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