December 22, 2015
Rachel Campbell from HKS London is the 2015 4th Quarter HKS Xchange Fellow to the HKS Shanghai office

Well what a rollercoaster living in Shanghai has been – I love Shanghai!

Coming from Wellington, New Zealand with a population of under 400, 000 residents to London city with a population of under 9 million to then Shanghai city which is 24.5 million you can imagine it took me a wee while to adjust - everything is to a much larger scale in Shanghai and getting lost can be a daily occurrence!

One of the craziest things is the traffic! There are no rules – getting to and from work is like running a gauntlet or doing an obstacle course.

My local subway station in located under a beautiful Buddhist temple: Jing'an Temple: which has a history of over 780 years.

jingan temple

Jing'an Temple Subway: with 8 different exits/entrances to parks and shopping malls it takes awhile to get your bearings ! it is also an excellent gold gilded visual locater when lost!

Just opposite Jing’an Temple is Jing’an Park: A green hub for the community right in amongst the skyscrapers. The park houses loads of stray cats that are petted and loved by locals snd tourists alike. It is a busy local park: with a muscle gym, restaurant, fish ponds, concert steps/venue, gambling and games tables, Tai Chi and my favorite: a dance floor for the Chinese phenomenon ‘Dancing Aunties’… who are an informal group of usually women who line dance to Chinese music in public spaces all over town – I have been known to join in!

jingan temple_vibes

One of the most dazling places to take in Shanghai is to head to the bund which is the waterfront area in central Shanghai.

The beautiful riverside promenade (regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years) harks you back to Shanghai as the ‘Paris of the East’ a city of glamour, vice and indulgence.


This classical street faces mad highly futuristc modern skyscrapers of Pudong

Which is also an amazing backdrop for Chinese wedding pictures – as you can imagine there are whole crews of people down there with the lights, tripods, cameras and wedding embraces.

Wedding Bund

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