June 7, 2016
Anne Rezac, Camilla Moretti, Lisa Adams, Steve Jacobson, Tyler Schwede

At the core, the clinical environment is a workplace. Every role – be it an office manager, medical assistant or physician – has daily functions that intertwine and affect overall patient satisfaction. 

As we investigate the solutions for a healthcare workplace environment, we start to make parallels between the hard data, observations and case studies. Since our goal is to optimize the clinic, the satisfaction and productivity of the employees is a crucial piece for meeting overall efficiency. There are three channels for creating this high-performing clinic: physical, operational and digital.

The team has been reviewing our interviews with these employees. There are clear indications that a large percentage, if not all, are moving to an electronic platform. What we are observing in the ProMedica facilities is this transition between new and old technology. The employees experience daily work-arounds to spaces and technology that are not serving them well. For example, a patient visit can involve an entire walk across a clinic to print a form at two separate times. The forms are eventually discarded at the end of a patient visit, and the information electronically stored. The workplace should reflect this move to digital platforms, otherwise, efficiency is greatly reduced because of outdated systems and workspaces designed around those systems. 

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