March 3, 2014
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The story of the young groundbreaker continues. In the last chapter of this epic tale, standing above the city of Shanghai on the Ritz Carlton Mountain the young groundbreaker was invited by Chairman Ling to join his group of Human Experience Enhancers in creating places that enhance the human experience in the foreign land of China. What Chairman Ling didn’t mention to the young groundbreaker at the time though, was the fact that the young groundbreaker still needed a magnitude of growth in order to join such a smart, never arrogant, engaging, responsive, passionate team. As the sensei and his young grasshopper began to make descend the mountaintop, Chairman Ling began outlining his vision for the group of human experience enhancers he was leading and the possible role the young ground breaker could assume in uniting the enhancers near and far in shouting the One Firm battle cry with increased frequency, volume, and fervor. The young groundbreaker was sold on this vision; "all-in" to proclaim this One Firm battlecry near and far. Fitting, because as it turns out, that was exactly what was required of him.

Seeing the young groundbreaker’s growing devotion, Chairman Ling had an idea...a testing of sorts. He would send his young groundbreaker on a further journey into the heart of the nation for which he would be enhancing. He would send him to drift across rivers, scale peaks, and trek through dark forests, engaging people of every type. The young groundbreaker would be sent through rain, sunshine, and smog so that his passion for the people whose experience he would soon be enhancing would grow tenfold. Chairman Ling warned that the journey would not be easy. Ease was not the goal- the goal was that the young groundbreaker would grow in passion for this region and his calling to create places that enhance the human experience for its people. The goal was that one day the One Firm battle cry would sing throughout this land. The young groundbreaker understood.

Chairman Ling handed the young groundbreaker a 1990’s style flip phone with a Chinese sim card, looked him in the eye and assured him he was only a phone call away then he sent the young groundbreaker to go forth into the seeming unknown of the Chinese landscape. More adventure awaited, its detains…uncertain.

With determined eyes and a trembling stomach the young groundbreaker charged into a foggy horizon. He was not sure where he was going, or what he would be doing when he got there, he only knew his leader was sending him forward. He believed in the vision of creating places that enhance the human experience and knew that he would have to use the One Firm battle cry echoing deep within his being as the roadmap for the adventure on which Chairman Ling was sending him.

The Adventures of the Young Groundbreaker from southern ellis on Vimeo.

This chapter of the epic tale is still underway. The video above was discovered on a USB in a Coke Zero bottle by a fisherman at the mouth of the Yangtze. There's little doubt it was sent as a crumb by the young grounbreaker so that his fellow grounbreakers might experience a taste of his journey thus far. As the journey continues, upcoming chapters of this story will seek to unpack lessons the young groundbreaker learns along his epic sojourn. Will the groundbreaker make it home safely? Stay tuned my fellow groundbreakers.

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