March 27, 2015
Janice Morton

This is the final installment of my wonderful Shanghai adventure and this last park is amazing.  Century Park!  This is the largest park in the city of Shanghai, sprawling 140 hectares.  It’s found in Pudong, south of Century Blvd.


It is directly accessible from the number 2 subway and the entrance fee is 10 yuan (about $1.63).  Only slightly smaller than NYC’s Central Park, this park is huge.  I specifically waited to go during the Cherry Blossom Festival and, wow, it is amazing.  A good portion of Shanghai also had this idea.  This the line to get in (after you’ve bought your ticket).  Not too bad, for a line in China.


Inside it was lush and green and beautiful.  The park opened in 2000 to celebrate the turn of the century, hence its name.  There are people out enjoying the park in all of its 7 scenic areas.


And no one whistling you off the lawn.  Families and friends were out enjoying nature.