April 4, 2015
Andrew Cortez

Chapter 4 - Painting Dublin Green - Dublin during St. Patrick’s Day was a truly unique experience on this journey.  Many people from around the world set foot on the green filled city.  Although it was cold and windy along the River Liffey, it didn’t stop the thousands of people from taking part in the celebrations. My first stop was the Guinness Factory.  After entering the giant wood doors, everyone rides the escalator up to the main floor which houses the gift shop and visitor center.  Looking up was a sight filled with glass elevators moving people through the atrium space, and green light flying through the space from end to end. 


Moving up through the open atrium, there were exhibits on each floor dedicated to the art and craft of brewing one of the most famous beers in the world.  At the top of the storehouse was the gravity bar which overlooked the city below.  The light flowed through the all glass windows as people pushed around each other trying to take the perfect picture from every angle. 


After the Guinness tour I ventured off to a local restaurant and pub to watch the Rugby 6 Nations game between Ireland and Wales. The 6 nations is a once per year tournament between England, Scotland, France, Wales, Ireland, and Italy.  It was an important game for Ireland as they were closing in on the title.  Ireland ended up losing the match that day, but won the title the next weekend.


At night, Dublin came alive.  Some building owners throughout the city agreed to take part in greening the city, where they would turn all of their lights green for the nights leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.  This provided the perfect backdrop to the energy filled city.


While my journey through Dublin had ended, I reflected on the people of Dublin, who were always helpful and willing to share a story.  They truly open the doors of the city with welcoming arms and heartfelt joy and laughter for all to be had.


 Check out the rest of my photos of my Journey Through London at https://www.flickr.com/photos/129177708@N03/sets/

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