July 3, 2013
by Ellen Fehl

My last days in London were beautiful! I went to visit the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion which is a temporary architectural installation in Kensington Gardens. This year it was designed by Sou Fujimoto. Unfortunately it was closed when I went to visit for preparation for an event being held there the next day but I was able to snap a couple pictures from the fence. Here is a link to a short video on the installation. http://www.dezeen.com/2013/06/04/sou-fujimoto-design-of-his-serpentine-gallery-pavilion-2013/

The last day in the office was bittersweet and busy! Around 4:30 the office gathered around my desk and said their fair wells, it was so great to meet all of you and I enjoyed reading my card when I got home. (Luis you wrote your goodbye in Spanish! …Very funny, I’ll have to Google translate it!) Then off to a proper send off with goodbye pints at a pub around the corner.

My last full day in London I did some gift shopping for people back home at Fortnum and Mason. Lovely tea and food selection, I had a great time looking around! Then I took a nap in Green Park since it was so sunny and nice outside , then ended the day at Westminster Abbey to hear the choir.  A great last day!

I think the fellowship program has broadened my knowledge about how different offices produce deliverables, interact with clients and work as a team. Working with the hospitality team was a unique experience that I both learned from and enjoyed. I appreciated getting to know the team and working with them on deadlines, presentations, and Revit models.  Although my background is interiors I was mostly working with the architects in hospitality and learning about resort site layout and architecture design based on culture and location.

Healthcare and Hospitality design are quite similar in terms of designing for way finding, aesthetic appeal, and the comfort of the guest or patient. The resort needs to be laid out in a natural was that is conscious of the site and environment but is also easy to navigate. As with healthcare, way finding is extremely important to make the patient and family experience pleasant and free of stress. Both hospitality and healthcare design need to be conscious of the geographical location and cultures as to not offend anyone, supplying appropriate rooms for prayer, meditation etc.  The ultimate goal of both fields is to make the experience for the guest as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. In terms of materiality and finishes, hospitality takes the cake on that one! But I enjoy the added challenge of healthcare design to provide appropriate materials with a high end feel. I think being able to experience both sides of the spectrum will benefit me greatly as a young professional and I will be able to draw from these experiences throughout my career.

I think the fellowship program is an incredible opportunity to invest in employees by letting them travel to other offices to strengthen HKS’ One Firm mentality. There is nothing like putting a face to a name and working directly with someone instead of through emails. I think it builds a platform for employee comradery and comfort between correspondences. I hope to see the program continue and progress! I had a wonderful experience and am so grateful for the opportunity!

Good luck to the next fellows, I hope you have a great experience!