June 26, 2013
by Ellen Fehl

This past month has flown by! I truly feel part of the London office and I am so glad I have made some great connections here. I am so grateful HKS has provided this opportunity for the company to connect internationally though culture and work.

Yesterday we had a great conference call between the first and second term fellows and the hosting offices. It was nice to be able to relay information to the up coming fellows and analyse some pros and cons about the first round of the fellowship. I believe this is a great program and will benefit the firm in ways we haven’t even realized yet, and can only get better with time!

Keep tuned for one more blog post analysing my experience here, comparing office processes, design standpoints, healthcare vs hospitality, and final thoughts!

As for my last couple weeks here I sure have packed a lot in! One of the major bonuses about being relocated to the London office is that it is so easy to travel around Europe and can visit a different city in another country in a weekend! While my family was visiting two weeks ago we visited the city of Bath which is just a couple hour train ride north of London. It is a beautiful little romantic town and we were able to tour the roman baths. Very cool! Definitely one of my favourite museums/sites I have gone to.

The next weekend my family and I visited Ireland. The Guinness museum in Dublin is incredible! Definitely surprised by how giant it was. I loved the old print ads for Guinness featuring the toucan bird. The next day we drove into the country side visiting the town of Kilkenny and old monastery Glendalough. The countryside is breath taking.

This past weekend I made an impromptu trip to Barcelona! I have always wanted to go being a fan of Antonio Gaudi and the beach… Saturday was beautiful and spent most of the day enjoying the weather and touring Sagrada Familia. It is like no other cathedral I have been to! I love the modern, nature inspired, angular style of the interior.

Sunday was a bit cloudy and I visited Casa Batllo. Inspired by life under the sea the interior of this apartment building is like nothing I have ever seen. Incredibly unique and purposeful design. My favourite part were the ergonomically designed door handles. They were moulded by Gaudi himself in clay and then cast in brass. They look like little leafs and are adaptable for using your right or left hand.

The last week of work in the London office is bittersweet. I will definitely miss the people and the city! Looking forward to seeing my colleagues in Detroit!


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