June 13, 2013
by Ellen Fehl

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind! I feel I can go home with a complete British experience now that I have spotted Prince William and Prince Harry out on the town! I saw them while I was out with a friend a few weekends ago by Sloan Square and it was confirmed in a news article they were there the next day… Very exciting!

The last week in May a co-worker from the Detroit office, Senior Designer Katherine Chappelle, came to visit while she was on Vacation with a friend. Two fellow HKS Detroit employees in London at once, it was great to see a friendly face! Katherine was vacationing with a friend and the three of us took the train to a small town in Scotland called Edinburgh for the weekend. It was beautiful, I think it has been one of my favorite places. Our favorite part was climbing the mountain called Arthur’s Seat. It’s actually a hill but Katherine and I prefer to call it a mountain ;)

It was beautiful when we reached the top and were able to look out onto the city and the sea. Arthur’s Seat was within walking distance of our hotel, it seems to jut out from within the city and provides a wonderful experience of Scotland countryside minutes from the city streets. It was great to discuss the design and architecture of the city with a fellow designer; we loved the juxtaposition of nature and urban life. The people are extremely friendly in Scotland and the food was incredible. We tried haggis which is a traditional Scottish dish that is basically a mixture of sheep innards and it is served with mashed potatoes. We loved it so much we went back to the same restaurant and had it once more before we left.

At the end of the work week we had a staff meeting with all the sectors for an update across the office. Everyone is very busy and the different sectors mostly to work amongst themselves here, so it was great to hear all the amazing projects the other sectors are working on. Specifically the office is very excited about the Royal Liverpool Hospital project that has just currently been won. Great job healthcare team, can’t wait to see how this project will unfold since I have a particular interest in healthcare design.

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