June 4, 2013
by Ellen Fehl

I have been extremely busy in the office recently working with the hospitality team on the Ananda Roha Destination Spa and Resort in Maharashtra, India! I have been able to watch the process of this project from the very beginning stages and it has given me a great understanding of how the hospitality team executes a very large resort project… Starting from hand sketches, diagrams and artist renderings, moving to CAD then to modeling the design in 3D. The client booklets that are printed are beautiful and laid out in InDesign. Luis, Luciano, Melissa, Farah and David have been amazing mentors and I am so grateful I have been able to learn from them.

I was able to help with the CAD plans and Photoshop work for the presentation for each building included in the SD package for the initial deliverable sent to the client. With much collaboration with the client we are now moving forward with putting each building into Revit and creating models for each building on the site. With Farah’s guidance I have been busy setting up and modeling the different types of Spa, Resort and Guesthouse buildings with her.

As an interiors person I usually do not have this opportunity to start from scratch with a Revit model. It has been a great learning opportunity and my understanding of Revit has definitely increased from an architectural perspective being able to set up and manage a model. It is much different than in Detroit where everyone is contributing to one very large model consisting of one hospital that is used from SD to CD. Since the resort consists of lots of separate buildings each one needs to have its own model. Sketch up is utilized in London to easily manipulate massing studies and CAD is employed for floor plans, RCPs, elevation drawings etc. Revit is nice to be able to set up sheets efficiently and see the design three dimensionally. The tricky part I have learned is that since it is a destination Spa/Resort the families in the Revit model can get very detailed and generic models are rarely used since the design of each resort is so unique. That means each family usually needs to be custom made for the design intent. This can be time consuming but makes for an outstanding model and for the best future outcome for down the road.

We had a beer Friday last week to welcome lots of new faces into the office and discuss the projects each sector is working on to keep the rest of the office up to speed. There has been lots of buzz about the new Hospital in Liverpool and the office is very excited to have won the project.

I am heading into my last month of the Xchange and I am going to be very sad to leave this amazing city and office!

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