June 25, 2013
by Angela Lopez, Mexico City office

The project I have been working for -Meihua Women & Children’s Hospital- was delivered last week. I learn so much from this project; as the project evolved I became more and more interested in Medical Planning. I had great people around me everyday who were nice and patient enough to share their knowledge with me. They made me become really passionate about the theme and the project. The whole team worked really hard and I learn a lot from each one of the members of my team, it was a great team and I believe we delivered a great project! Last Saturday we went for dinner together to a really nice Beijing type restaurant to try their famous Pekin duck! It was my goodbye dinner and we also celebrated the ending of Meihua project.

After working really hard for my project’s deadline, I had some days off from work. I planned a trip to Beijing for four days! It was really amazing, the city is beautiful and full of history. I visited the most touristic attractions: The Imperial Palace (Forbidden City), Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall and The Summer Palace. I also went to some projects I was really interested in seeing: CCTV Headquarters (OMA – Rem Koolhas), The National Centre for Performing Arts (Paul Andreu), Bird’s Nest National Stadium (Herzog and De Meuron) and The Watercube National Swimming Centre (PTW Architects). I am sharing with you some pictures!! Of course the most incredible experience of all was climbing up the Great Wall!! It is one of the places around the world I have always wanted to visit! =)

Since this will be my last blog I also need to say goodbye to you, I hope you enjoyed my posts; I really enjoyed sharing my life in Shanghai for the past three months with you! For me this was an INCREDIBLE experience!! In both personal and professional ways I believe I learned a lot!

On the professional side I learn a lot from all the medical planners I had the opportunity to work with. I really appreciate the time they spend on my training; I wish I can continue learning more on this field since I became really interested in Healthcare after this experience. On a personal basis, I believe this time working and living with people with a different culture in a different environment made me grow more tolerant and humble. Being the new one and the different one in a new place gave me the chance to try to be a better person in every sense; to give the best of me and also to value more the everyday learning. Living in such an amazing city as Shanghai and travelling around China also grew my sense of amazement, everything being new for me made feel more alive every day!

I believe that the way in which this program allows HKS employees to share knowledge around the world is already making the ONE FIRM vision becomes stronger! I realize the amazing effort the firm and the Xchange Committee are doing to make this program a success. I cannot express you enough how grateful I am for this opportunity, I feel really privileged for being part of this AMAZING firm!!

-Angela López

Keep following the blog… the next Shanghai fellow is arriving next weekend! Her name is Hayeon Shim and she is coming from the San Francisco office.

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