June 13, 2014
By Shannon Kraus, Washington, D.C. Office Director, HKS, Inc.

This is about shifting the conversation from healthcare to health and wellness. Given the impact of healthcare reform, there is a push for health wellness and prevention solutions as systems strive to diversify how they deliver care in a population health model. In turn, an alternative model of healthcare-anchored mixed-use is gaining momentum that includes the use of big data and the concept of a healthcare provider as a partner in developing neighborhoods and communities, to foster and support a healthier lifestyle. Using a case study, we discuss the opportunities in this emerging health and wellness paradigm, and what it can mean in terms of how we approach our projects.

To view the video presentation: http://youtu.be/LKc2-OPv3qM

To listen to the podcast:  http://hksarchitects.libsyn.com/healthcare-urbanism-mixed-use-planning-and-big-data 

A 2014 calendar, located on the HKS website, shares additional JOIN US talks: http://www.hksinc.com/joinus/. Please register to attend these live streaming video events.  

For more information, contact Trish Martineck at tmartineck@hksinc.com.

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