July 10, 2014
By Nancy Hulsey, Sustainable Materials Specialist, HKS, Inc.

HKS has been a leader in promoting transparency among building product manufacturers. So, let's talk about how transparency truly improves building products. We share real-world examples of manufacturers listening to the design industry and developing healthier products. We also reveal tools that can inform our healthy design selections. As we learn about the chemical content of building products,  we can use that information to inform our design decisions and our specifications. JOIN US for a candid conversation about building product transparency.

To view the video presentation: http://youtu.be/VVeS2_uK3A4 

To listen to the podcast:  http://hksarchitects.libsyn.com/weve-asked-for-transparency-what-comes-next

A 2014 calendar, located on the HKS website, shares additional JOIN US talks: http://www.hksinc.com/joinus/. Please register to attend these live streaming video events.  

For more information, contact Nancy Hulsey at nhulsey@hksinc.com or Trish Martineck at tmartineck@hksinc.com.

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