March 25, 2014
By Chris Mundell, Sustainable Design Leader, HKS, Inc.

Imagine a building that surpasses the typical concept of sustainable design. It is constructed of green materials chosen because of their full environmental impact. It enhances the human experience by providing a healthy indoor environment for occupants. And, it can share energy and water performance data at a moment’s notice. The new LEED v4 addresses all these key building issues.

Approved by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) membership on July 1, 2013, LEED v4 was unveiled at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo held in Philadelphia on November 20-22, 2013. I was a participant in a two-hour panel discussion titled, “Introducing LEED v4: Lessons from the LEED v4 Beta Program.” Through JOIN US, I  share my experience using the LEED v4 program focusing on improvements in the new version, available tools and resources and lessons learned.

To view the video presentation:

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A 2014 calendar, located on the HKS website, shares additional JOIN US talks: Please register to attend these streaming video events.  

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