March 3, 2014
By Heath May, AIA, Vice President/Director of HKS Laboratory for INtensive Exploration (LINE)

Architects are discovering new ways to leverage advancements in technology to shift building design from a prescriptive approach to a performance-based process. Today, we have the ability to evaluate performance metrics of different iterations during the design process – enabling optimized solutions. Research, serving as the engine in the evolution of architecture, plays a vital role in performative design allowing us to seek advanced understanding of systems, materiality and tectonics.

Collaborative partnerships with academia facilitate the sharing of digital fabrication knowledge and a symbiotic relationship between the classroom and the office.  From research initiatives – including parametric planning and dynamic solar design – to computational modeling and custom toolsets that facilitate more efficient workflows, learn more about how HKS LINE is using technology to position architects to influence positive change in our environments.

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