July 15, 2014
By Kathryn Stouffer

 I spend a small portion of my day people-watching. I have a front row seat to the St. Paul DART Station. The folks passing by are an eclectic conglomeration of well, every type, shape, race, personality you can imagine, like fish in the sea, they are the people who inhabit this concrete jungle of Downtown Dallas. These are the people we create buildings for. We enhance the human experience for these humans. The homeless woman singing to me through the single pane glass window, the police officer, and the frazzled businessman sprinting to catch the train.  I want to know all of their stories. Where are they going? Where did they come from? Do they like the DART? Can they see me? Answer to the former is yes. Are they always late for their train? How long have they been racing down the sidewalk, suitcase, or baby, in hand?

I am intrigued with human stories, and frankly, you should be too. If you missed the JOIN US on storytelling,  check it out here.

Life is a collage of people’s stories, mod-podged together, overlapping and blending, others worlds apart. What is your story? Have you ever thought about that? Not your age and your education, but the day-to-day events that make you human, and more importantly, make you, you.

I challenge you to think about people in relation to spaces and places that you design. Think about the homeless man, the carefree child, and the vagrants who might stumble into the hospital, hotel, arena that you brought into being. How would they feel about the reception desk placement, the terrazzo floors, or the wall installation? How will that room increase their quality of life?

Maybe I should take my observations to the next level and hit the streets. If you see me sitting on the  black iron benches outside talking to complete strangers, don’t be alarmed, and I promise to report my findings, after all, that’s what we do here in communications. 


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