September 24, 2014

Emergency physicians, nurses, administrators and leaders from all over the world will be introduced to the latest emergency room design trends at ACEP14.                                               

HKS – a top-five ranked international architectural practice – has joined forces with American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to create the InnovatED 2014 experience.   

To be held October 27-30 in Chicago, the annual ACEP conference provides interactive, educational space offering a whole new way to explore innovation in emergency medicine – right on the showroom floor. The InnovatED convention delivers hands-on experiential space to showcase, discuss and debate innovations in emergency medical care. 

The InnovatED 2014 Experience

HKS Team ED has developed interactive spaces for attendees to explore innovations in emergency medicine technology as well as the ED built environment.  Team ED will be introducing key design advancements in these mock spaces, which are designed to not only demonstrate equipment and building science, but also include patient case and mass casualty scenarios.   

The mock spaces include a display dedicated to rethinking the need for emergency department beds. The design study, which won an AIA/AAH healthcare design award in 2013, is implemented in prototype form. The goal is to reduce square feet requirements, staff and patient waiting times in a space-constrained emergency department, while increasing patient comfort and safety. 

Due to patient privacy issues, ED rooms have increased over the years from 80 to 140 square feet. Jim Lennon, HKS Team ED planner, believes this is unnecessary. “About 40 to 50 percent of all ED experience can be managed in a recliner-type of environment. In essence, we are applying first-class style seating thinking into the ED experience. These private spaces allow patients to select their own environment – including music and lighting.”  

InnovatED Talks

In addition, world-renowned HKS ED conceptual planner James Lennon will speak at the InnovatED Theater on two key topics during the conference.

October 27 – 10:20 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

The Evolution of the Split Flow ED - New Findings

Speaker: James Lennon, AIA, ACHA, Associate Principal, HKS Team ED

Split-flow emergency departments, or so-called high-capacity emergency departments, are being used more frequently nationwide as a method of increasing emergency department performance. However, after several years of operation, early adopters of the split-flow concept have reported significant functional problems. This session will describe the results of a very detailed analysis of that hospital group’s emergency departments, to discover the root causes of the malfunctions and how the malfunctions were corrected. The findings of the study led to solutions that increased patient capacity, and led to staffing and capital investment efficiency. 

October 27 – 10:30 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.

Innovative Patient Spaces

Speaker: James Lennon, AIA, ACHA, Associate Principal, HKS Team ED

Innovative patient spaces, ranging from highly efficient rooms that resemble airline first-class accommodations to new layouts for resuscitation rooms, will be discussed. Special emphasis will be placed on designing high-capacity treatment areas for ESI level 3 patients, along with creating rooms that can serve all patients, including mental health, in a one-room layout. Those room designs can significantly increase the efficiency of the ED while also increasing patient comfort and safety. 

Learn More about Team ED

HKS Team ED is a specialty practice that provides healthcare clients with services concentrated on emergency department design, including pre-design consulting, space programming, simulation modeling, and operational and strategic planning and design.

Team ED has designed more than 75 major emergency departments in the last 10 years. Team ED leaders attending the ACEP conference include: 

David Vincent, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP

Designer and Director, HKS Team ED   |

David has programmed, planned and designed numerous emergency departments throughout the country. His experience developing EDs – from community hospital renovations to academic medical center replacements – has enabled him to effectively and efficiently define the design-specific challenges unique to each project. Through his award-winning work with Washington Hospital Center ER One, David developed vital experience in contingency planning and design for event-based medical consequences. 

Jim Lennon, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP

ED Conceptual Planner, HKS Team ED   |

Jim has designed or planned more than $700 million of healthcare projects over the last 28 years. Specializing in emergency department design for the last 15 years, he has personally designed more emergency departments than any single individual in the United States. A frequent lecturer on emergency department designs both nationally and internationally, Jim is part of a team involved in Executive Education at the Harvard Design School. The seminar he teaches is for architects, hospital administrators, physicians, nurses and anyone involved in the planning or operation of emergency departments. 

Michael P. Pietrzak, M.D.

 Senior Physician Strategist, HKS Team ED  I

Dr. Pietrzak is an emergency physician consulting in building sciences and design for healthcare applications. He was the Director of Project ER One leading the federally funded initiative developing the design features, concepts and specifications for the “all risks,” scalable medical facility in the multi-threat environment. He currently is a principal consultant with HKS Team ED and with the MedStar Institute for Innovation. Dr. Pietrzak served on the American Institute of Architects committee for healthcare design guidelines and has served on numerous task forces and focus groups on protective facility design providing input to the government on critical infrastructure protection.

HKS is ranked among the top healthcare architectural firms in the world by Modern Healthcare and BD World Architecture. Operating from 27 offices worldwide, HKS focuses on innovative healthcare design, process and delivery. The firm’s award-winning healthcare architecture includes 2,000 unique projects representing 80,000 beds and 184 million square feet. HKS projects have garnered numerous awards and coverage in worldwide publications. The firm’s healthcare specialists are highly respected international speakers. For more information, visit or contact Trish Martineck at

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