March 31, 2016

The new Florida Hospital for Women is a beacon of health, offering first-time specialty services for women in the region.

The 12-story, 330-bed specialty hospital in Orlando, Fla. – which officially opened to patients on January 24 – offers an environment and services tailored to the unique needs of women. 

Florida Hospital for Women offers general and high-risk obstetrics, gynecology, a level-three NICU, the region’s only milk depot, oncology, surgery, breast care, cardiovascular care, wellness education and more. The hospital offers Central Florida’s first comprehensive program for soon-to-be and new mothers suffering from depression and other mood disorders. 

“This hospital is a symbol of our dedication to providing women across all generations with compassionate, world-class care,” said Marla Silliman, senior executive officer of Florida Hospital for Women. “Specially trained staff including women’s health navigators, birth coordinators, and a dedicated women’s chaplain will serve Florida Hospital for Women’s unique population.” 

The facility is a modern, soothing environment designed around the needs and preferences of women and their family members. 

Teresa Campbell, associate principal with HKS, Inc., said, “The women’s tower is flowing, playful and elegant, rising subtly from a pool of water at its leading edge. Water, which is a central theme incorporated throughout the building, is symbolic of purity, fertility, healing and adaptability. Rising from the fountain, the iconic, curved tower simply, but firmly, marks the sky – shimmering in the constantly changing light of the Florida sun.” 

The water theme is expressed through materials, art and lighting from the lobby to the waiting areas to the patient spaces. Large windows with expansive views, warm tones and finishes and comfortable furnishings create a calming environment for patients and families. Details like customizable lighting and room temperature, headwalls that conceal medical equipment and extra space to accommodate family members are incorporated into the design of patient rooms to add comfort to the hospital stay. A centrally located chapel provides an area of respite and spiritually. 

The project is located in the heart of the Florida Hospital campus. The first phase includes the opening of four floors. The first floor houses the Center for Women's Wellness, which will include a high-risk breast cancer clinic, mammography services, lactation center, cardiac screenings and health classes. The first phase also includes the opening of 72 mother-baby rooms and high-risk OB rooms, labor and delivery suites, and three operating rooms. 

Leaders at Florida Hospital for Women plan to broaden opportunities for women to be involved in medical research, a field that up until this point has largely involved male subjects. 

“Research and medicine have only recently begun to recognize the differences between men and women, down to the cellular level,” said Dr. Lori Boardman, chief medical officer and executive medical director of Women’s Health at Florida Hospital for Women. “We are committed to being an industry leader by working to better understand these differences through research and treatment, and by delivering individualized care for women throughout their lifetime.” 

With two floors reserved for future expansion, Florida Hospital for Women will not only exceed today’s healthcare needs, but is ready for future growth. 

“Central Florida has experienced immense growth in recent decades, and today, we have a diverse and young population,” said Eric Stevens, senior executive officer and administrator of Florida Hospital Orlando. “Projections show that by 2030, more than 2.6 million people are expected to call Central Florida home. With this tower opening, we’re not only meeting today’s health care needs, but we are preparing Central Florida for the future.” 

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