December 2, 2013

The latest group of talented HKS Design Fellows gathered over the weekend of November 7 – 11 for the 2013 HKS Design Fellowship. 

The Fellows included nine HKS employees and two students:  Rachel Atmadja, Los Angeles; Joe Carlos, Los Angeles; Robert Casasus, The University of Texas at Arlington; Dayna Finley, Fort Worth; Lisa Goldsmith, Washington, D.C.; Ryan Hajeb, Salt Lake City; Rodolfo Rodriguez, The University of Texas; Adelia Schleusz, Dallas; Lauren Stark, Chicago; Kevin Vandersall, Dallas; and Lindsey Waters, Washington, D.C. 

The group was tasked with rethinking the Harwood Street corridor in downtown Dallas, which includes the stretch known as the Harwood Historic District. The District becomes one of many “acupuncture” points along Harwood Street, in an attempt to create a network of characteristic energy levels with catalytic effects on the urban fabric. 

The Fellows first tackled this urban design problem as one group, by creating a master plan.  That master plan was then developed in more detail, both programmatically and architecturally, once the group divided into three teams.  Each team was charged with developing a unique concept that fit within the requirements of the master plan:  connect existing city nodes, reprogram civic space and emphasize future transit links. The goal of these interventions is to ultimately activate Harwood Street, create a landmark node and infill underutilized space along the street. The concepts varied greatly in scale and method of intervention, but all three generated praise and discussion from the panel of jurors.

The Fellows presented their design solutions on Monday, November 11 at the HKS headquarters in Dallas. The distinguished group of jurors included Philip Kingston, Dallas City Councilman District 14; Coy Talley, Principal, Talley Associates; Randy Morton, Director of HKS Urban Design Studio; Chuck McDaniel, Principal, SWA Group; Norio Tsuchiya, Vice President, HKS; Arturo Del Castillo, City of Dallas CityDesign Studio; and Dan Noble, Principal and Director of Design, HKS. 


Who are the Fellows?
The Fellows, who are university students and HKS employees from around the world, brainstorm, research, design and present their ideas to a community partner, who then transforms the ideas into reality. 

Why the Design Fellowship?
What’s the motivation? Helping people – through excellent and thoughtful design – create a better community in which to live. The HKS Design Fellowship encourages Fellows to be part of the solution, part of making change happen, part of the future. 

How We Started
Created in 2005 as a means to cultivate design talent within the firm, the HKS Design Fellowship has evolved from a community outreach event to include regional programs in Detroit, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. All of the regional fellowships share the same values and commitment, and promote design while building relationships with their communities. 

HKS, Inc. is a leading architectural design firm ranked among the top six architectural engineering firms, according to Building Design+Construction magazine. Since its founding in 1939, HKS has completed construction projects totaling more than $75 billion in more than 1,263 cities located in 80 countries. The firm operates from 27 offices worldwide.

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