July 23, 2013

Great architecture is enhanced by great interior design. We believe that style is just one of the components of superior interior design. Interiors need to be functional and beautiful, have a sense of direction and flow, and support the building purpose and people. From an office to a press box, we cover it all. As one of the largest interior design practices in the nation, we handle corporate headquarters, sports venues, luxury hotels, law firms and financial institutions as well as tenant services. Our goal is to strike the balance between business goals and thoughtful design, whether working with Dallas Cowboys or CNL Financial Group or the American Automotive Association (AAA).

We want to introduce our newest team member, Gus Hinojosa. We also are taking this opportunity to reacquaint you with other key HKS Commercial Interiors group leaders. From left to right: Maria Martinico, David Meyer, Julie Volosin, Gus Hinojosa and Olga Acosta.

Maria Martinico, CID, IIDA, LEED AP, Associate Principal, Director of Global/National Accounts and Interior Practice Leader, Western Region
Maria’s keen focus on building relationships comes from a key piece of advice she’s held onto over her 27-year career: treat everyone as though they are a client. From her own workgroup to the consultants that support her design team to the client and end user, Maria's success and long-term relationships are based on her ability to put herself into someone else’s shoes. She understands that a client's needs typically are driven by a business objective. And, with her experience and educational background, she has a unique skill set to be able to understand her clients’ needs, speak their language and provide solutions that meet those needs. She is driven by creating environments that provide results. Giving her staff freedom to follow their passions and reach their full potentials is as important to her as providing solutions to her clients’ shifting business needs. Maria’s focus on relationships yields results. “I know we’ve done a great job when we get a second phone call from a client. And when we get invited to work on a global account, that satisfaction multiplies. That’s a true partnership.”

David Meyer, Associate Principal, Director of Workplace Interiors, Firm-wide
“I have found that our clients are realigning their business strategies at such a rapid pace that we, as designers, are challenged to identify needs and requirements before they change,” David explained. “Predicting those needs and arriving at an appropriate workplace environment solution is my passion.” He has 36 years of experience in all phases of interior architecture and design, having worked with a wide variety of project types including financial and corporate facilities as well as corporate relocations. David uses his extensive background in conducting the programming phase of each project, defining the appropriate process and information categories.

Julie Volosin, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C, Associate Principal, Interior Practice Leader, Eastern Region
Above all, Julie values relationships.  For her, teamwork and collaboration are more than buzzwords, and success is something achieved by empowering others to succeed. Whether it’s mentoring her team members to strengthen their own skills or by meeting a client’s need for a high-performance workplace, she has focused her 30-year career on helping others do what they do best.  Julie thrives on creativity and organization – traits that translate easily and successfully into collaborating with her clients. “Helping clients exceed their work environment vision and return to us again are my greatest rewards.”

Gus Hinojosa, Vice President, Director of Commercial Interiors, Central Region
Gus is a firm believer that design matters. “Good design is both beautiful and practical,” he explains. “Great design takes the good to an inspirational level. It’s rare, but worth the effort.” Over the past 29 years, he has applied this philosophy to all of his projects. “With a talented team, we are forging a new paradigm for our interiors practice,” he added. “Our clients have been amazing partners in facilitating great design that is both practical and beautiful.” Gus has worked with Forbes 500 clients on a variety of domestic and international projects including global standards; corporate headquarters; pilot programs; retail locations; and workplace analysis, design and implementation.

Olga Acosta, RID, Vice President, Interior Practice Leader, Central Region
Olga knows her way around a tool bench. An early interest in art and a love for structure led her to a junior high drafting class. The only girl in her millwork and shop class, Olga knew then that she wanted to go into interior architecture. The tools have changed some over her 20-year career. Today, she uses her talent and intuition to plan and organize, influence workplace design and lead a team. But even with a different set of tools, she believes she is working to achieve the same goal: “I always want to see things come full circle, to produce real spaces that are beautiful and logical.”

We’re continuing to grow and expand to serve you best in Washington, D.C.; Chicago; San Francisco; Los Angeles and London. Stay tuned.

 For more information, contact Trish Martineck at tmartineck@hksinc.com.

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