May 9, 2013

On April 11th, HKS participated in the IIDA Orange County’s 13thAnnual Haute Couture fashion show and was given the “Best Supporting Cast & Crew” award for the night among 10 design firms and five student teams. The event took place at the Samueli Theater at Segerstrom’s Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, California. The annual fashion show is a charity event sponsored by IIDA, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Olive Crest and Working Wardrobe charities.

The theme of the fashion show was based on classic TV programs, and each team was assigned a theme by the IIDA two months prior to the event. In February, architects, designers and students participated in a Trunk Show kickoff event and fabric grab, where local vendors donated materials to be used in the teams’ costumes, props and set pieces. Each team was randomly assigned a classic TV show theme. HKS was given “Star Trek” as their TV show theme. Once the reveal occurred, HKS immediately sought to grab solid and metallic vinyl fabrics, which became the foundation for the costume concept and design.

A vast amount of detail went into assembling the team’s outfits, which the team hand-sewed together themselves. The team quickly realized the difficulty of sewing with vinyl material, often finding themselves re-sewing or altering the outfits to accommodate faulty stitching and/or noticeable tears. After 100 hours of labor, one sewing machine, several broken needles and multiple needle injuries, HKS ultimately produced the outfits that they had envisioned.


The night of the event, each team was directed to their dressing rooms and immediately after, the character transformations began. Hair was first, then make up, followed by changing into the outfits. At 6pm, Newport Beach-based closing designer, Trovata, began judging team outfits by inviting the teams to meet with him individually.

HKS took the stage at approximately 8:30pm with nerves rattling and adrenaline pumping. Cindy Finamore made her way down the catwalk as a mystical yet glamorous alien. Stephanie Fox and Diana Johnson made their appearance thereafter with their toy guns in hand while moving to the beat of Rihanna and Calvin Harris’ “We Fell in Love.” After the three-minute performance, the team was awarded the title of “Best Supporting Cast & Crew.”

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