January 19, 2015

HKS rewards outstanding performance with the promotion of the following individuals. 

Jeffrey Stouffer, AIA, ACHA, was promoted to the HKS Executive Committee, the five-person committee in charge of managing the 1,100-person, 26-0ffice global architectural practice.

Marc Budaus, AlA, LEED AP; Brian Eason, AIA, LEED AP; Jeff LaRue, AlA, LEED AP; Angela Lee, AlA, LEED AP; Anita Linney-Isaacson, AIA, LEED AP; Michele MacCracken, AlA, LEED AP; Mike Rogers, AIA; Paul Sawyers; Jason Schroer, AlA, LEED AP; Brent Sparks, AIA, LEED Green Associate; Mark Vander Voort, AIA, LEED AP; David Vincent, AlA, LEED AP, were promoted to principal. 

Neil Alexander; John Avdoulos, AlA; Gary Blazzard, AlA; LEED AP, Kate Davis, NCIDQ, LEED AP; Partho Dutta, RA; Loretta Fulvio, RID; Dan Getz, PE; Rick Gunter, AlA, LEED AP; Jason Haigler, AlA, LEED AP; Gustavo Hinojosa, AIA,  IIDA,  LEED AP; Brian Junge, AIA; Greg Luongo, RA; Michael Mamer, AIA; Heath May, AIA; Luciano Mazza, ARB; Bryan McMath, AIA, LEED AP; Seth Meltzer, AIA; Jim Montemayor, AIA, LEED AP; Mark Nine, AIA, LEED AP; Michael Novendstern, AIA; Mary Alice Palmer; Claudia Peres, RA; David Skaggs, AIA, LEED AP; Sidney M. Smith, AIA; Tom Sprinkle, AIA; David Thomas, AIA and Mark Timm, IIDA, were promoted to associate principal. 

Jonathan Barrick, AIA, LEED AP; Ryan Blaylock, RA; Peyton Booth; Michelle Carroll, SPHR; Laurence Chiang, RA, LEED AP; Travis Cowie, AIA, LEED AP; Dan Flower; James Frisbie; Andrew Jaeger; Hilari Jones, LEED AP; JJ Kazynski, AIA; Christian MacCarroll, LEED AP; Lauren McGowan, RID, LEED AP; Ellen Mitchell, AIA, LEED AP; Clint Nash, PE, LEED AP; Pete Oliver, CSI; Alfonso Padro, ARB; Augusto Rodelo Mac Gregor, AIA; Alfredo Rodriguez; Bob Rowlands; Richard Rucksdashel, RA; Karla Seelandt, AIA, LEED AP; Natalie Smith, NCIDQ; Andrea Sponsel, NCIDQ, LEED AP; Anice Stephens, AIA; Kevin Suter, LEED AP; and Greg Walston, were promoted to vice president. 

Jon Bailey, AIA; Sandra Ballesteros, LEED AP; James Banda; Emily Becker, RID, LEED AP; Arturo Beltrán, RA; Rachel Campbell; Anne Carr, LEED AP; Parthasarathi Chakrabarti, RA; Ben Clair, RA, LEED AP; Sarah Clair, CID, IIDA, LEED AP; Michael Cochran, RA, LEED AP; Ben Compton; Philip Dimick, AIA; Ryan Doone; Taylor Fleck, LEED Green Associate, NCIDQ; Jared Forsyth, RA, LEED Green Associate; Carla Gomez, RA, LEED AP; Rasha Habiby, RA; Wei Huang, ARB; Tara Jaramillo, RA, CDT, CSI; Corrine Kipp, NCIDQ; Tyrone Loper, AIA; Laura Massey, ARB; Bob Milbrath; Lindsey Minnick, CCIDC; Douglas Mullen; Jill Namoff, RA; Miniki Peacock; Stephan Peiser, RA; Siddharth Puri, RA; Melanie Rast; Ronald Reeves; Sandra Roby; Melissa Rojas; Rudy Ruiz; Tracy Rumsey; Brad Schlesinger, AIA, LEED AP; Adelia C. Schleusz, IIDA; Sherri Smith; Robin Strink, AIA, LEED AP; Nicholas Tedder, RID, LEED AP; Dan Trafford; Julie Wellik; and Pingping Xia, LEED AP, were promoted to associate.

Other promotions:

  • Ellen Mitchell-Kozack was promoted to director of sustainability.
  • Cynthia Cheek was promoted to IPI & C manager.
  • Derek Huff was promoted to international controller.
  • Peggy Robinson was promoted to executive administrative assistant.
  • Debra Burke was promoted to senior administrative assistant.

HKS, Inc. is a leading architectural design firm ranked among the top five architectural engineering firms, according to Building Design+Construction magazine. Since its founding in 1939, HKS has completed construction projects totaling more than $77 billion in more than 1,648 cities located in 84 countries. The firm operates from 26 offices worldwide.

 For more information, visit www.hksinc.com contact Trish Martineck at tmartineck@hksinc.com.

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