July 30, 2013

Joining a group of top-level international developers, clients and leading designers, Gus Hinojosa was invited to judge the World Interiors News 2013 Annual Awards competition. He serves as vice president and director of commercial interiors, Central region, for HKS.

World Interiors News Annual Awards, the largest worldwide interior design awards competition, celebrates and presents the best in interior design, attracting entries from all over the world and providing a global platform for showcasing interiors projects.  The competition includes 14 categories, divided into two sections: interior projects and products.

“It was refreshing to see so many well-designed entries that were really thorough in actualizing their concept,” Hinojosa commented. The awards will be announced early August and presented at a ceremony in November at Saatchi Gallery in London.

Hinojosa has more than 29 years of experience, having worked with Forbes 500 clients on a variety of domestic and international projects including global standards, corporate headquarters, pilot programs, retail locations, workplace analysis, design and implementation. Complementing his award-winning design skills, his management and technical expertise provides a strong foundation for a successful project.

World Interiors News (WIN) is part of World Architecture News, the leading digital publisher to the international architectural community. WIN has become a major online resource for showcasing the latest interior design projects and innovative products from across the globe. Featuring all the latest news, views, jobs and expert commentary, WIN provides invaluable information to architects, designers and suppliers.

HKS, Inc. is a leading architectural design firm ranked among the top six architectural engineering firms, according to Building Design+Construction magazine. Since its founding in 1939, HKS has completed construction projects totaling more than $75 billion in more than 1,263 cities located in 80 countries. The firm operates from 28 offices worldwide.

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