October 23, 2015
By: Gary Hartfield

As I prepare to leave familiar surrounds and head to new environs, new cultures, but supposedly the same language, (we shall see about that soon), I am reminded about the diversity we already enjoy in our own offices. Here is a glimpse of the studio in the Fort Worth office.

  ft-worth office

We have an impressive resume of healthcare projects built, in construction and currently in the planning stages. As you can see, our studio belies the quality and scope of work we have accomplished. Therein lies the strength of HKS. Each office, regardless of size, contributes profoundly to the whole, such that the whole is stronger due to the sum of its parts. Whether a project is produced entirely within one office or several offices simultaneously… truly “One Firm.”

The approach to planning a three-month move across continents is not unlike planning a large replacement hospital. There are myriad details needing attention, not the least of which, if your lovely spouse is traveling with you, the end user’s needs and desires had better have been listened to and accounted for. I’m just sayin …

All jocularity aside, in this age of instant access to information around the globe, I am amazed at how little we know our neighbors on this earth. How different, yet how similar, we all are. In my coming blog posts, I hope to present both sides of this thought and confess some of my own shortsightedness.

Thanks to MTV and music videos, our attention spans have devolved into 2-3 minute sound bites at best. We tend to get frustrated when a web page hasn’t open and we typed in our search parameters nearly 15 seconds ago. Never mind the fact that “it” is gathering that information from around the globe. So with that thought, I am seven hours away from boarding a plane that will take another nine hours to reach my destination. (I know for all of you seasoned travelers that is nothing compared to some of your stories.) It just reinforces the reality that there is still a big world out there waiting to be explored by you and me.

Well I had better get packing, since my ride will be here soon.

The last thought I would like to leave you with is from a conversation I had with a friend and associate, Kelly K., in the Austin airport yesterday ... our profession is based on learning and listening. The embodiment of which is mentoring. Everyone is a mentor and everyone has a mentor. What are you teaching those who are watching you.

Gob smacked...ya!

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