November 2, 2015
Gary Hartfield

Week 1

No complaints ... but, if you’ve flown on American Airlines in the last 6 months, then you know what I mean.

We arrived during the most perfect fall weather around. Warm sunny days, cool nights, and NO rain. Very blessed to have been able to spend a week of vacation during that time. Did a whirlwind tour to Bath/Bristol, Glasgow (Mackintosh fans), Edinburgh, York and back to London. 

IMG_6669 IMG_6667

Mackintosh's Hill House was closed for repairs after a flood this past spring so no pics of that .....yet....these are from his tea rooms in Glasgow.

Now for the excitement. If you’ve ever driven on the left side, you know some of the issues with depth perception and peripheral vision on the opposite side of what you’re used to. That, coupled with very narrow roads, and it is fun. No problems…but it was fun. The car’s nav system made all the difference in the trip. I mean who wouldn’t take directions from a lovely British accent.

The layers of history here are amazing. In one location you can view the foundations of a Roman Post from 67AD that would have housed 1000 legionnaires built upon through a millennium with a grand cathedral on top that was completed in 1472. And that is just one town!


This is York Minster, in the town of York, constructed on the site of a Roman garrison and built between 1220-1472.


 Ceiling of the central tower.

I have found there is a deep pride of that rich history, evidenced by the number of local residents enjoying those sites alongside gawkers like me and offering anecdotal information. Where I come from, that cathedral was just completed 20 years before Christopher Columbus “discovered the New World,” I put that in quotes because I am not intending to debate who, when or what was “discovered.”

The countryside is beautiful and the "carriageways are all in good nick." I haven't come across a single pot hole. Maybe just luck, but the roads I was on were very nice, albeit a bit narrow from my perspective. Every day has been a joy, filled with new discoveries.

IMG_6636 IMG_6640

                                                                                                                              beautiful stone wall....


here are a couple of images to muse about.


Just when you thought nobody remembers the architect...


I'm taking orders ...

The journey has just started and I feel like I am going back so I can go forward. Back to the future, so to speak.

So it’s back to London by weeks end to continue my education on British healthcare architecture with my HKS London office contemporaries.

Gob smacked ... y’all!

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