June 6, 2014

These past two months have flown by!  It’s crazy how fast it goes… but nonetheless it’s been an amazing experience.   I was also fortunate enough to be accompanied by my lovely girlfriend who took a four month leave of absence from her job to also embark on this exciting journey and experience Asia.  We packed our entire apartment into a little 8x10 storage unit and made our way to China. 

Since we’ve been here, we ate our way through Shanghai, found ourselves at the Formula 1 race, checked out Wang Shu’s architectural marvels in Ningbo, battled through the throngs of umbrellas at a rainy day in the Forbidden City, caught the tail end of the Grand Sumo tournament in Tokyo, and had the wonderful opportunity to team up with a group of fellow employees here in the office to chase the Gleneagles Shanghai International Hospital competition (fingers crossed we get it). 

At the end of the month we are prolonging this Asian experience with a one month trip through Korea and Southeast Asia.  We have been keeping a photo-blog of our travels – so if you would catch up on the past 8 weeks or follow along the rest of time we are here, you can find us at:


Hats off to the people who envisioned and created the xchange fellowship, this is truly a phenomenal program and offers nothing but amazing opportunities to fellows, the host offices, and the firm.  Thank you for the opportunity. 



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