June 24, 2015
Ripudaman Singh

Howdy folks! May started with an invitation for a cookout from Kevin Taylor (Principal, Purple Team), which was to be held at his residence. I was completely excited to attend. His residence is on the shore of Lake Ray Hubbard, a 92 Km sq. reservoir lake. All of the Purple team was invited to the cookout. It was a great opportunity to meet all the teammates and bond with them at a more personal level. We all had a lot of fun there, which made me realize that the Principals and seniors of the firm are really humble and down to earth. We played a very traditional game of ‘Horseshoes’ with the seniors, which turned out to be really entertaining.




Secondly, we had a lot of rain in Dallas during this month, which meant I had to stay back on some weekends during that time. But, I did not let the rain dampen my spirits for exploring Dallas.

As I am a history buff, I had to visit ‘The Museum on the Sixth Floor Museum,' which is the place from where 35th  President of USA , John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald from the Sixth floor of a book depository. The museum has preserved every single detail behind his death and investigation to the trials, including the death of Lee Harvey Oswald. It was interesting to see how they had created the exhibits about life and times of John F. Kennedy.



 Being in downtown means that you are in midst of all the interesting events happening in the Dallas Arts District. On another weekend, there was an event known as ‘Midnight at the Nasher’ at the Nasher Sculpture Centre, which is a convenient walking distance away from the apartment. On this night, the museums are free to enter and they offer a lot to enjoy. At the Nasher, we had local bands playing live music from all over Texas and had a movie being played on the lawns of the Sculpture Centre. After attending all of it, me and my friends from the office ended the night at Lee Harvey’s, with local bands playing good music.





Before I came to Dallas, I had never shot a gun in my life. This was one of the ‘Bucket List’ tasks that I had planned to tick off somewhere later in my life. One of my friends from HKS Line had a gun, and at that point I had to try shooting once for the sake of my ‘Bucket List.’ So, on a weekend, we decided to go to a shooting range. We ended up shooting 4 guns. It was a really thrilling experience for me at the gun range shooting and looking at kids aged 11-12 years shooting as well beside me.



The next day, I went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Perot is the newly opened museum in the Dallas Metroplex, widely known for its modernistic design by Morphosis, lead by Pritzker awardee, Thomas Mayne. It is a Los Angeles based firm specializing in Iconic buildings across the United States.



The museum is a treat to the eyes, with clean contemporary concrete panels forming the outer skin of the building, while from the inside it has the interest and flow of spaces that a museum truly needs. The context of the museum is purely science and nature, which makes it a true treat to a science buff. If you are interested in science, you can probably spend a whole day looking for answers that were left unanswered in childhood.




 While all of this was happening recreationally, I was shifted to Level 5 to work with HKS Science and Technology on a Lab Building coming up in Macau, Hong Kong. I started working with Michael Ufer and Ken DeBoer on Lab Design and Parameters.



I am really excited for the rest of the journey which is left here. I am sure its going to be an unforgettable experience !

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