March 31, 2016
Southern Ellis

HKS is excited and honored to be part of an international design competition – organized by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a global partnership fighting women’s cancers throughout Africa – to create temporary housing for women receiving cancer treatment near Tanzania’s two cancer treatment centers. The United Republic of Tanzania has some of the highest rates of cervical and breast cancer in the world but the shortage of cancer treatment facilities forces many women to travel great distances for treatment. Many women die at home because they simply live too far from the hospitals and have no safe and affordable place to live between their cancer treatment sessions. This competition will stimulate inventiveness and creativity, resulting in projects with the potential to increase access to critical treatment that will save the lives of many women.

Having prior healthcare experience in Tanzania, I was contacted by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon to join a team of health leaders and activists dedicated to combatting the issues at hand. The team – Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, American Cancer Society, George Bush Institute and SMU Center for Global Health Impact – who are all separately involved in health initiatives around the world, each bring incredible perspective to the project. HKS adds architectural expertise to the team, assuring that the criteria for the competition will produce socially impactful, socially responsible, innovative yet cost effective solutions which utilize infection control and stress reduction research to provide an effective environment of healing. HKS Health Group Director, Jeff Stouffer, will also serve alongside an international panel of jurors who will select the winning entry. HKS will be involved in assisting Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon in bringing the winning designs to reality.

The competition goals:
• Provide accommodations, ensuring more women can complete their cancer treatment, through applying an innovative design
• Provide an opportunity to advance the goals of socially responsible architecture
• Offer young/aspiring architecture, design and engineering students, including those from Africa, the chance to create a real-life work project that will change lives

For information on the competition, which features a professional track and a student track, click here.

Awards and the competition timeline, opening on April 7 – World Health Day, can be found here.

Designers who are interested are encouraged to sign up for updates/reminders on the competition page, which will relay pertinent information throughout the competition.

Stay tuned for more information …

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