May 9, 2013

Hi all! As I told you before one of my ideas on how to share my exchange experience is by letting you meet the people working in my host office. This time I am introducing you Wendy Jiang. Here are the answers she gave me. I elaborated a little bit on each of them after we went for lunch together and we talked about each question.

How long have you been working for HKS?

2 years

Do you live near the office? How do you come to work?

Yeah. I usually go to office on foot. It takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you believe you can learn something from me or I can learn something from you?

Yeah, Definitely I believe that. Different background, culture and habit can make us learn something new from each other.

How do you imagine my country, my city and your colleagues at the Mexico City office?

I think that is a wonderful place with sunshine and passion. People who work or live there always smile at each other. They work hard every day and help each other when they meet some problems during work.

Do you have any questions for me? (Maybe from my country, my city or my office…)

Yeah, definitely. What’s your favorite place in your country? Do you have idol in your life? If so, what does he or she do? What do you usually do in your spare time? Do you have some special hobbies? Do you want to try to do that in Shanghai? Why do you want to select Shanghai as the place for the Exchange program? What is the feature of China to attract you here? Is this the first time for you to be in China? What’s your first impression of Shanghai?

My answers: My favorite place in my country… San Cristobal de las Casas (an amazing small town in the south of Mexico). Idol in my life: Rem Koolhaas (architect and urban planner). I practice yoga and I like jogging as well. Yes, I already joined a jogging group on Wednesday’s nights and I am practicing yoga every morning. I have always been interested in Chinese culture and history. The Great Wall in Beijing and Terracota Warriors in Xi’an may be the features that attracted me the most. It is my first time in China. My first impression of Shanghai is that it is an amazing city, very modern and very multicultural.

Which is your favorite place in Shanghai? (That you believe I cannot miss to see)

Shaoxing Street, Si Nan Gong Guan, Shanghai Cultural Plaza and Shanghai Grand Theatre. There are lots of book store on Shaoxing Street. In my spare time, I sometimes go there to read books. Si Nan Gong Guan, is a regenerated commercial place which was a neighborhood in former French Concession. Different from Xintiandi, it is a peaceful and relatively quiet place which you can invite your friends to have some tea or snacks there and chat with them.

Wendy told me she loves to watch plays and therefore Shanghai Cultural Plaza and Shanghai Grand Theatre are wonderful places for her.

What is your favorite restaurant in the city that you believe I should try?

Haha, lots of restaurants. Like Suzhehui, Yuanyuan, Mamankuang…… People 7, a Taiwanese restaurant, is an interesting space inside. Maybe you can try.

Is there any advice you may have for me for the time I will be living in Shanghai?

You should go to Xintiandi, Former French Concession Area to experience the life of Old Shanghai in last Century. You also have to go to the Bund to see different kinds of buildings. Lujiazui, is a modern place in Pudong, which witness the development of Shanghai during China’s Reform and Openning.

**During lunch I discovered we have educational background in common, we both did master studies on urban planning. We had a really fun time getting to know each other. I included her suggestions for places I should visit to my list. I will be visiting some of them next week!

*** For the next week I will be introducing you Graham Spittal!! He is Canadian and has been working for HKS Shanghai for two years. If you have questions for him, feel free to post them!