June 13, 2014
By Bernita Beikmann, Director Lean Strategy and Andrea Sponsel, Senior Interior Designer, HKS, Inc.

HKS believes Lean Process Improvement is a simple philosophy with big results. It all stems from our ability to identify waste in what we do, and eliminate it. The healthcare interiors group has begun their lean journey to embrace opportunities for improvement and increase value. The team has spent time examining their process – from beginning to end – mapping every step to document value-added benefits and eliminate wasteful work. JOIN US to talk about changes to design processes that have had a big impact to the group’s internal and external customers.

To view the video presentation: http://youtu.be/XJ9b0K4zNsg

To listen to the podcast:  http://hksarchitects.libsyn.com/transforming-how-we-work-focus-on-interior-design 

A 2014 calendar, located on the HKS website, shares additional JOIN US talks: http://www.hksinc.com/joinus/. Please register to attend these live streaming video events.  

For more information, contact Trish Martineck at tmartineck@hksinc.com.

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