May 6, 2013

Hi! On my second week here I went to have dinner with people from the office (and 2 other colleagues from Dallas office: Iris and Corrine). We went to a really nice Korean restaurant to say goodbye to Taylor. After dinner Taylor, Alex, Iris, Corrine and me, went to highest building in Shanghai… Shanghai World Financial Center. We went up to the 91st floor; we had a great view from the city! The next week I went to an AIA tour with Graham from the office. We joined a group of 25 architects to visit L’Avenue Tower at Hongqiao district. It is a new first-class retail and office complex being developed by Shanghai Luxchina Property Development Company. The building was designed by Jun Aoki, Japanese architect. The main façade contractor –Gartner Permasteelisa-, gave us a lecture on the process they followed since the design features an unusual free form façade. It was a really interesting tour. The next week we celebrated Jenny’s birthday, she invited me and the other girls for lunch.

During that weekend I went touring to the People’s Square, I met two Chinese friends who took me to a tea show. I also went jogging to the Sozhou Creek waterfront until I got to the M50 Art District. It is an amazing place, once a desserted textile mill, now houses art galleries, cafes and restaurants. On Sunday I went with a friend to the Shanghai Oyster Festival, about 8 different chefs preparing strange recipes. Great food and a lot of fun!

At the office…

The past two weeks have been very busy at the office… it was the final deadline for the project I have been assigned to: Aiyuhua Hospital for Children and Women. I was mostly helping with redlines and final changes that the client was asking for. I also helped getting ready the material selection binder for the client. It was a really interesting experience to be working on this project; it was a great effort from a large number of people. We were multiple offices working on this project and more than 15 people; the coordination for the revit model sharing was amazing. I learn a lot from such a big team and Ella Zheng who was the BIM manager of this project. Not only I learn a lot more about healthcare design, revit and bim management but I also started to learn a bit of Chinese since all the project was delivered on both languages. The team at Shanghai office was working really hard on translations the last week. They were helping me a lot to check that the translations for the material binder were correct. I was able to catch some symbols and I also learned how to type some small words.

There was another holiday in between (Labor Day), but they moved it again, so there was a 7 days week of work. I was asked to stay for three more days for the final deadline. We were all working very hard but finally the project is finished and I believe with really good results. I am very happy I got to be part of the team =)!