September 2, 2015
Ryan Moose

My HKS XChange journey began on a misty morning in early July in the James River City of Richmond. I was lucky enough to share this adventure with a beautiful co-pilot, my wife, which I would not have been able to do alone.


View of the Richmond office on the way to Dallas.

There were a few accidents and road work here and there to prolong the journey, but after travelling 539 miles, we reached our first stop on the trek to Dallas --- ATL.  Here we were able to visit with my in-laws for the first time in their new home. The next morning we woke up early to start heading down the road to New Orleans. On our way, we made a pit stop in Mobile to try out Felix’s Fish Camp.


If you are ever in Mobile, you should head down to 1530 Battleship Parkway and try their One-One-One. It’s a cup of their Gumbo, Crab soup and Turtle soup and they are delicious.

1008 miles later on the journey we made it to New Orleans. We were able to walk the streets and eat in The oldest French-Creole restaurant in New Orleans, Antoine’s.


This restaurant has a long history with my wife’s family and it all started in 1932 when her grandfather was heading down to Chile to meet his parents. Before the sun came up the next morning, we were on our way to our final destination.


 A quick pit stop when we entered the state. Even the rest stops are bigger in Texas.

Dallas Drive

Then 1,515 miles and we finally made it to Dallas.

After arriving, I received the keys to the apartment from the Mothership and took a look around. We got settled into the apartment and started to venture out into the unknown. We walked around downtown and stopped by Clyde Warren Park to take in the Fourth of July atmosphere. After a long day we decided to call it quits, but not before seeing the fireworks scatter throughout the sky from places near and far. It was quite a site to see, especially from the comfort of my new place for the next 3 months. The apartment has a pretty good view of downtown, I must add.


That Monday, I only had one block to go and I was at the front door of 350 N Saint Paul Street. This is where I finally met the team that I had been working with over the last 9 months. We had already known each other through phone and email, but had never met in person. As nice as it is to work remotely with different office around the world, it is great to finally be able to collaborate and get to know the people we work with on a completely new level. Over the first few weeks, I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people and work on some new projects: Fort Worth Arena, Renovations to American Airlines Center, and Toyota Stadium. This experience is truly an amazing opportunity and is yet to be concluded.

Until next time….  

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