July 15, 2013
by Mark Pataky

I believe in the old saying “change is good.” The new HKS headquarters will be a great move for the future of the company. The space with its vast, bright open floor plan is an inspiring work environment. The new cubicles with low dividers will help foster interaction and Xchange. It will take some time to make this office HKS’s new home but I think we’re off to a great start. Some of my favorite features of the new office are the automatic blinds system and the central stairway which links each level. The bean bag chairs are an instant hit around the office. Oh yea, and the 5 minute walk to work isn’t bad either. The Xchange apartment is in a great location right at the heart of downtown and has a short commute. I am very thankful to be in Dallas for this momentous transition and to be able to lend a helping hand. I also ventured back to the now vacant office on McKinney Ave and included some pictures.
This week I also traveled to Columbus, Ohio for work. A few months ago, I collaborated with Bob and Carl on the Ohio State University model which turned out great. Even though I was in Miami at the time, it was so easy to work with these guys remotely in Dallas. We had such a great time together and one day we got to discussing what exactly is the Ohio Buckeye we’d heard so much about? Turns out, it’s a delicious chocolate fashioned to look like the seed from the Buckeye tree. We decided if we won the project we would need to get our hands on some of these – the chocolates, not the buckeye seeds. Well, we did win and it was great to be able to hand deliver some buckeyes straight from Ohio to Bob and Carl. We had a great celebration and good laugh.