June 14, 2013
by Mark Pataky

Monday I visited another education project, Triumph Preparatory. The project is still under construction and consists of a warehouse being converted into a school. The education group designed a series of skylights and light wells throughout the corridors to distribute natural light within this box like warehouse. Each light well will be painted a different color when complete. The level of detail and fenestration configuration is unlike anything I’ve seen in a high school.

I visited the Dallas Museum of Art for the Chagall exhibit and was mesmerized by the collection of his sketches and plans of the Paris Opera house ceiling he painted in 1963. You understand the finished ceiling only once you’ve seen the years of sketches and color studies that when into this work.

I hosted a party to watch the Unveiling of the HKS Vikings Stadium we streamed live from the presentation in Minnesota. I was privileged to the design in Dallas but it was great to see the presentation and the public’s reaction and cool to see Bryan Trubey from Dallas lead the unveiling.

The move is finally here! With hours remaining before the move, between projects I helped pack up whatever I could. Sharryl Headrick has been so helpful from day one and helped me pack my desk and answered all my questions about the move. I was excited to hear I would continue to sit next to her in the new office. There was definitely an organized chaos about the move and that Friday I worked until the mover pulled the chair out from under me. Literally. I pulled an awesome site model from the recycle pile and brought it back to decorate the apartment. Now the HKS Xchange apartment in Dallas is official as it has a piece of the company hanging on its walls.