June 11, 2013
by Mark Pataky

The week started off switching gears and working on the UTD Callier Center Addition project. This multidisciplinary center serves infants through adults. With Research and education related to speech and language disorders, hearing deficiencies and cochlear implantation and Autism spectrum disorder. It’s great to lend a hand to a project that helps so many people.

The move is fast approaching and I’m helping wherever I can. There’s so much to do and so little time. This week I’ve been helping the model shop pack up for the move. Brenda Devling is the Superwoman in charge of it all. One small but tedious task has been to remove all metal binding from the hundreds of pounds of office paper for it to be properly recycled.

Mary Ferrer on the third floor introduced me to her coworkers in healthcare. I meet Norio and Ramon who recommended I apply for the HKS design fellowship and some other exciting opportunities. I’m realizing the connections I make in Dallas will benefit me long after this Xchange. The awesome thing about being in headquarters has been opening doors to resources and opportunities that I would not know about before my time in Dallas.

Not to scare anyone from ever visiting Texas but the other night out on my run I heard the sound of Tornado sirens for the first time. Pretty scary stuff, I made it home before the rain, wind and hail. I guess it’s all part of the Xchange. Sadly 12 tornados touched down outside of Dallas that night.

Over the weekend I chowed down at an awesome Texas Steakhouse, tried cow tongue tacos for the first time, and went to the Asian festival in the park next to the Xchange apartment. I met the Dallas Police Department Mounted unit and one of their largest mounts, Ace, a 2,000lb Percheron horse. I made it out to White Rock Lake and the 10 mile running and biking loop around this great Lake on the outskirts of Dallas.