May 14, 2013

Mondays start with team meetings to discuss the week’s projects and assign responsibilities. I find these meetings a great way start the week. They help focus efforts and let each member know what the rest of the team is working on. I have a mentor who once said “speed is your friend” and with these small education projects lasting a few months from start to finish, this is so true. I am enjoying the fast pace and intensity of these projects as it reminds me of being in school.

David Harper form our Miami office was in town on Monday and stopped by to say hello. It was great to see a familiar face. Monday also marked the beginning of HKS Green Week with opening remarks by CEO Ralph Hawkins. Working on the Garden level next to the Arena I stopped by for the lectures all week long.

The weather has been great in Dallas. 70’s and sunny every day, perfect weather for lunch in the park. Klyde Warren Park is just a block away from the office and built over a freeway creating a green connection between uptown and downtown. The park has a great view of the downtown skyline and food trucks serving some awesome lunch.

It seems with an office this big everywhere I go in Dallas, I meet someone who works at HKS. I’ve met some great people from other departments including interiors, architecture, accounting and IT at Hung Fu. It’s great to hear everyone’s story of how they came to work at HKS. Pictured above are the reigning connect four champions. Mary and myself.

Went to my first backyard crawfish boil this week and it was delicious.With so many people showing me the Texas cuisine it was great to recommend Garbo’s Grill fish tacos in Key West to a friend in the Dallas office vacationing there next week.

Green week ended with beer friday and it was time for the weekend exploration. I visited the Dallas World Aquarium and the historic West End District. Stopped by the Elm street district for the North Texas Taco Festival and ran Katy trail with some office fitness buffs. Katy trail also came recommended by Sumandeep Singh from our New Delhi office who will be the next xchanger to come to Dallas. He visited Dallas briefly last year as Forum Representative for the India offices and is excited to come back.

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